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is a USA Swim affiliated team   

welcoming swimmers ages 6-18.



Do you love swimming?
Have you thought about swimming competitively?  Come see what swimming has to offer.


N.E.A.T. swimming season runs September through February.


Facts about N.E.A.T.: 


Swimmers learn and refine four basic strokes and kick.  

FAQ: Do I have to attend every practice?

Depending on competitive commitment level, our team understands the need to balance commitments with communication.  

FAQ: What is the cost to join?  Depending on level, Cost is $10-$15 per week to join swim club plus competitors once a year sanction fee of $58 for 8 and under and $64.00 for 9 and over. 

2017 Trial Week


TRIAL WEEK on Sept. 18th, 20, 21 is offered for swimmers new to N.E.A.T. from 5:00pm to 6:00pm & Sept. 19th 3:30pm to 5:30pm

TO REGISTER for the trial, email or call 920-740-6473. 
There is a $10 fee for trial week which can be applied to season swim fees if you join.


For swimmers age 10 and under, parents are required to attend practice during trial week.  

For swimmers over age 10, parents must attend a short meeting to sign waiver at beginning of practice.

Swim practices, then compete


FAQ: Do I have to compete to be in swim club?   No, some swimmers swim one or two sessions before they compete, and some are ready right away.  The coach works with the swimmer and parents preparing the swimmer for competitions.  It is not a requirement to compete, but it is fun!

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